Do your students feel frustrated? Do they easily give up or sometimes not even try?

My strategies help you build student motivation which in turn increases student participation. Fun, engaging lessons are at the heart of building a classroom that has participation from all students. We also introduce methods for creating an inquisitive classroom, where students are free to question the material and explore the curricula in greater depth. By honoring student voice, giving them more opportunities to respond to instruction and presenting the material in several modes and intelligences of learning, we greatly increase the chances our students will discover more ways of learning. If we teach to their strengths and help them overcome their weaker areas, they will have more tools for their own learning.

Do you use strategies that promote attention and interest and garner greater participation in the classroom?

You are competing for your student’s attention every day. In today’s dynamic world it is hard to grab interest in biology or algebra! Through randomization and story-telling, I present very specific methods to re-engage your students and increase participation in your classroom. A student who isn’t interested is not likely to care about the lesson. Approaching instruction by using their vernacular, experiences, and points of view will greatly increase their interest and understanding of your lesson.

Can you make your lessons more relevant and engaging?

Students get frustrated if they don’t understand the task at hand.  Because of our busy time tables and schedules, we are often forced to “press-on” just to get through the material.  Even given these circumstances you can create memorable moments for your students and greatly improve the chance they catch the meaning of your lessons and attach them to their own experiences through the use of synectics and other strategies taught in my course!  Reducing confusion and increasing understanding go hand in hand with my approaches to creating more relevant and engaging lessons.

Do you wish your students were more connected to the curriculum?

We present methods to increase “Aha!” moments by connecting concepts in the curricula with student voice and experience.  Using strategies that honor student voice and allow them to approach the lesson from their areas of strength, will reduce resistance to learning and increase opportunities for your students to respond accordingly to the curricula.

Can we promote a sense of self-efficacy in our students?

Your state and school WILL put your students to the test and expect them to perform.  My course will help you teach students to function under increased pressure!  Except for performers and athletes, most of our students are not ready, or have little experience, to perform on demand.  Through my dynamic tension strategies, you will teach your students how to work under pressure.  When student’s truly “earn” their knowledge in such conditions, they are much more likely to understand how they learn best and feel motivated to learn even more.  By allowing our students the time and opportunity to struggle a bit, we give them that moment of understanding when, through their own efforts, they discover the concept or answer for themselves.

Do you get frustrated reinventing the wheel? Is it possible to share our great ideas efficiently and effectively?

Too often teachers are left on their own to figure out what works and what doesn’t work. Learn a powerful strategy to increase dialogue between teachers and administrators and to showcase the best lessons that are being taught in your building, in your grade level, or department. Learn how to record and share your very best lessons and make them available for other teachers. By doing so you will preserve the best and most effective lessons. New teachers will greatly benefit as well as educators who suddenly have to change grades or subjects! Having a reliable and accurate method of sharing our very best lessons can increase teacher retention as well as student achievement. My matrix allows you to record your most engaging lessons, share them with others, and also track where we are lacking in either depth of knowledge or mode of learning.

Supports, PBIS, RTI, PLC’s and other fine programs.


Ronanda Liberty